Return Policy

Returnable Product(s)

Product(s) can be claimed for return based on the following conditions:

  • Product(s) should not be in used condition and should not show that it was previously used.
  • Seal should not be broken.
  • Screws should not be touched or tried to open (if any)
  • Product(s) should have the complete original packaging (if product was sold in original packaging).
  • Saved accessories, service/instruction manual included with the Product(s), components, labels, accompanying documentation and software, and etc.
  • Physically damaged and/or missing Product(s) cases will only be considered if reported at the time of delivery.

Non-returnable Product(s)

  • Wires, charging cables, power cables, any other wires, party and birthday decorating items, decorating stuff,
  • Hygiene and personal care Product(s) that include but not limited to; wax, perfumes, cosmetics, and etc.
  • Physically damaged Product(s)
  • Missing or incomplete Product(s)
  • For bundle offers, only main product can be claimed for return.

Refund Policy

To claim for a Refund, please check if the purchased Product(s) fall under the return policy as described above. If the Product(s) fall under return policy, then you can claim for Refund based on the following conditions:

  • Customer can claim for Refund for the purchased Product(s) within 3 days from the date of receiving the Product(s).
  • After the 3 days of the delivery, no return or claim will be entertained.
  • Physically damaged and/or missing Product(s) cases will only be considered if reported at the time of delivery.
  • Amount of the Refund only covers the amount of Product(s) purchased.
  • Shipping and payment processing charges are non-refundable
  • If a coupon, discount, or special offer was part of the original order, the amount will be deducted as well.
  • Refunds will be made through the original mode of payment selected at the time of order generation.
  • reserves the right to compensate the claim in terms of Coupon as and when it deems fit.

Return Process

If the Product(s) is qualified for the Return, then please follow the below process to claim for a Return:

  • 1. Raise a Complaint: Contact us to raise a complaint and save Complaint Number for future reference
  • 2. Review: Our support team will review the case and approve the Return if qualified
  • 3. Drop your item: Once the complaint is approved, your nearest drop location will be provided so that you could drop your item.
  • 4. Inspection Process: After receiving the Product(s), it is sent for inspection:
    • 1- Approved: If the Product(s) is found faulty as per the policy then Return will only be made via Coupons that can be used to order again the same, similar or any other Product(s) of your choice. Or equal amount will be refunded if requested.
    • 2- Not Approved: For Product(s) not faulty and claimed due to the Product(s) not being as per expectations, will be returned back to the customer.