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Spinning Musical Birthday Flower Candle – Multicolor

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Spinning Musical Birthday flower Candle – Intellectual Birthday Candle – Multicolor

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Great birthday party item. Once the center is lit, it will open its flower pedals and light each candle on each leaf. Amazing Birthday Candles that Sing Musical Songs for your Kids. Candles when lit with a match turns in a 360 view. Unique way to spice up birthday parties No lighting stick needed.

Product Details:

  • Direct lit products top erect lighter spark rod. (banned in windy conditions)
  • Bar ignition spark eight candles, automatically open and play happy birthday music petals. If you want to stop the music, will the coppe line.
  • Note: minors do not operate independently
  • Please avoid candles lit, 40 cm in the face.
  • Please before the flame blew out the candle unburnt.




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