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Samsung 4 GB BAR Plus 3.1 USB Flash Drive

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Samsung 3.1 USB Flash Drive 4 GB  with metal Body. Quickly Transfer Files between devices, Speed Up-to 300 MB/s.

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Samsung USB 3.1 Flash Drive 4 GB High Quality  is the unique pack for mobile and tablet users. Water Proof USB for data back up. Its unique and bar design with USB 3.1 Interface. It’s transfer speed is around 300 Mb/s. Shock Resistant and Temperature proof.

Product Details:

  • Fast Speed
  • 4 GB storage
  • Compatible With All Operating Systems
  • Water Proof, Shock Proof, Magnet Proof, Temperature Proof, X-ray Proof
  • NAND Flash Technology
  • BAR Design
  • USB 3.1 Interface
  • Up to 300 MB/s Data Transfer Speed
  • Waterproof
  • Shock Resistant




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